Favorite Books of 2015

Believe or not, I do, in fact, read things published after 1935. The last week of December, for example, I spent burning through the wonderful, weird world of Archie AU* in a desperate attempt to meet my Goodreads Reading Challenge (Comic books count as books right? Shut up. I read Anthony Adverse this year.).

Actually I read many amazing books this year, some of them capital-“G” Great Books. I even had to narrow my list down this time, to the ones I was truly passionate about. And it is that carefully curated list which I present to you now. Ladies and gentlemen, my top four most-loved books discovered in 2015 are:
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Fantastic books from 2014

….not including the books I read for this blog. You already know how how I feel about those.

To be clear, these are not my favorite books that were published in 2014, but books that I read in 2014, from any era.

So, counting down, my favorite books in 2014 were: Continue reading