Singing in the Wilderness

The Drink


1 DOLLOP OF COMB HONEY. Strained and Beaten Smooth in Enough Whisky to Make You Sing. Fill up the rest of a Tall Glass with CREAM. Beat it all to a froth again and clink the glasses to the old toast —

Here’s tae us!
Wha’s like us?
Dom few!

-From So Red the Nose

What was it with people in the 1930’s treating cream like a legit beverage? Weren’t they supposed to be skinny back then? An entire glass of cream is just nauseating, no matter how much whisky you cut it with. Continue reading


Lust for Life

The Drink

The man who found seven loves in the life of Vincent Van Gogh hopes that the printer will not call this cocktail a Lust for Wife, although even that is not without its virtues.

1/2 SLOE GIN             1/2 APRICOT BRANDY
Fill with ice, shake and serve

– From So Red the Nose

Lust for LifeWell…hmmm. I think this drink might be a little more suited to the 1930’s palette. Let’s look at the ingredients one by one, shall we? Continue reading