Favorite Books of 2016

Well this has been a remarkably unproductive year of blogging. Although, if I can defend myself a bit, the fewer books left on the list, the more likely they are to have been lost to obscurity. We’re done with the Hemingways and Edgar Rice Burroughs; it’s all cesoriacs and Marion Stobels from here on out. Continue reading


Favorite Books of 2015

Believe or not, I do, in fact, read things published after 1935. The last week of December, for example, I spent burning through the wonderful, weird world of Archie AU* in a desperate attempt to meet my Goodreads Reading Challenge (Comic books count as books right? Shut up. I read Anthony Adverse this year.).

Actually I read many amazing books this year, some of them capital-“G” Great Books. I even had to narrow my list down this time, to the ones I was truly passionate about. And it is that carefully curated list which I present to you now. Ladies and gentlemen, my top four most-loved books discovered in 2015 are:
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Movie Review: Laughing Boy

Original Book and Cocktail Review

As with the book, I was completely blown away by how not-racist 1934’s Laughing Boy was. For a movie set on the Navajo reservation in — again — the 1930s, Native American culture and rituals are handled fairly respectfully, and many of the characters were played by actual Navajo actors. Moreover, the whole message of the film — which here is delivered much more heavy-handedly than it is in the novel — is about the harm of cultural imperialism. Continue reading

Anthony Adverse

The Drink


To 2 measures of Barbadoes (sic) Rum mix 1 of lime juice, a dash of bitters, and a small quantity of brown sugar to taste and a strong dash of brandy.
Ice. Shake well and serve immediately.

– From So Red the Nose

The Anthony Adverse is an interesting and enjoyable combination of flavors. The key is the brown sugar, which keeps the drink from being unbearably tart. After some experimenting, I found a scant tablespoon is the literal sweet spot for me. Continue reading

Lust for Life

The Drink

The man who found seven loves in the life of Vincent Van Gogh hopes that the printer will not call this cocktail a Lust for Wife, although even that is not without its virtues.

1/2 SLOE GIN             1/2 APRICOT BRANDY
Fill with ice, shake and serve

– From So Red the Nose

Lust for LifeWell…hmmm. I think this drink might be a little more suited to the 1930’s palette. Let’s look at the ingredients one by one, shall we? Continue reading