White Ladies

The Drink


…Francis Brett Young feels it would be a sacrilege to invent a new White Lady Cocktail, since “it is already the best cocktail ever made.”

– From So Red the Nose


Yup. She sure is white.

I don’t know about the best cocktail ever made, but the White Lady drink has certainly persisted longer than its book, probably because it had been created by a different mixologist some 15 years before, allegedly (very allegedly) in honor of a different retro literary figure, who was, indeed, a white lady. Continue reading


John Henry

The Drink


My drinking habits are practically confined to drip coffee, Mint Juleps, and the ‘John Henry.’

1 RAW EGG (whole and unbeaten)

Drink in One Single Gulp

-From So Red the Nose

How was this drink, you ask? Um. It has raw egg in it. It was…not really that bad actually. Apparently raw egg has very little flavor. And corn whisky may be a hard liquor, but it is, surprisingly, a little on the sweet side. Continue reading

Death in the Afternoon

The Drink


It takes a man with hair on his chest to drink five Absinthe and Champagne Cocktails and still handle the English language in the Hemingway fashion…After six of these cocktails The Sun Also Rises.

Pour 1 jigger of absinthe into a champagne glass. Add iced champagne until it attains the proper opalescent milkiness. Drink 3 to 5 of these slowly.

– from So Red the Nose

Did I say that The Canary Case cocktails were strong? What a naïve drinker I was in those days. Sorry Van Dine, but Hemingway can outdrink you in this century just as well as the last. Shamefully, I had to skip the “3 to 5” instruction, unless he meant these directions to take place over a week’s time. Continue reading


The Drink



Shake Well with Shaved Ice Until Enough Ice is Melted to have a 2 Ounce Drink

-From So Red the Nose (No clever quote about the drink this time. The SRTN blurb only speaks to Tarzan’s skill with the ladies. )

I have been careful, when making the drinks from So Red the Nose, to follow the directions exactly as written in order to recreate the 1930’s drinking experience as precisely as possible. This has already caused some problems, what with the liquor brands that have stopped production sometime in the past 79 years, or ridiculous, tongue-in-cheek instructions like: “Select…six of your finest McIntosh trees and place a hive of bees under each.” Continue reading