Tobacco Road

The Drink


Please observe the following procedure:
1. Select in May six of your finest McIntosh trees and place a hive of bees under each tree to insure the ‘setting’ of the blossoms.
2. Visit your trees with a spray gun once a month until October, and see to it that not an insect remains alive.
3. About the middle of October gather by hand four bushels of the finest ‘Reds,” selecting each apple for color, size and ripeness.
4. When these are ready to put into the hopper of your cider mill, go back to the orchard and pick up two pecks of windfalls from the ground, carefully selecting the most decayed, wormiest and snail encrusted.
5. Mix the two gatherings and grind and press.
6. For three days and nights drink the sweetest cider  you have ever tasted, noting that no matter how much you drink, you can always find room for a little more.
7. On the fourth day you will discover that you have the hardest drink that ever blew a bunghole.

-from So Red the Nose

Although I try to be faithful to the original So Red the Nose drinks, sometimes modern modifications need to be made. Here’s my updated, 2014 version of Tobacco Road cocktail: Continue reading