The Sleeping Child

The Drink


Here’s a knockout dose known as The Sleeping Child and stirred up by Alice Grant Rossman…She says her eccentricities are liking cats and Americans.

Half Gin, Half French Vermouth, Dash of Cointreau, Dash of Maraschino, Squeeze of Lemon, Grapefruit, and Peach Juice

– From So Red the Nose

The Sleeping Child is a very girly drink to accompany a very girly book. Unlike last post’s debacle, I found all the ingredients easily enough, with the exception of peaches (you know they’re not in season as the same time as grapefruits, right Ms. Grant Rossman?). I ran all over town trying to find bottled peach juice (no peach nectar is not good enough, thank you very much Whole Foods) until I had the brilliant idea of using the side juice from a can of peaches. Yum. Continue reading


Poets and Their Art

The Drink


After all these years Miss Monroe has at last told the truth concerning what ingredients go into the making of poets and their art. 


Ice and Serve

-from So Red the Nose

It’s good. I mean, it’s a little boring as cocktails go. Especially considering this was made by a poet, I would hope for something a little more creative. Grapefruit juice just doesn’t conjure up the kind of bombast you’d expect from an author who repeatedly calls upon “the muse” without irony. This drink isn’t dramatic or passionate; it’s more — what’s the word — laid-back. Continue reading