The Lively Lady

The Drink



Take a Small Pitcher with Well-Rounded Interior
Put in It Nine Cubes of Ice
Add Four Cocktail Glasses of Gin
Add Two Cocktail Glasses of Noilly Prat Vermouth
Stir Briskly Sixty Revolutions with a Long-Handled Spoon– (The Only Method Which Doesn’t Bruise the Gin)
Pour into Cocktail Glasses
Add Twist of Lemon Peel so Lemon Oil Is Sprayed into the Liquid
Repeat until Pitcher is Empty

-From So Red the Nose

After a month of searching, I have come to the conclusion that the original Noilly Prat, as one would drink in 1931, cannot be bought in the United States of America. Any liquor stores who stock it are keeping that little secret to themselves. Continue reading


The Man without Nerves (UK: The Bank Manager)

The Drink

Copyright Familiar Creatures 2014

…there may be other cocktails in the world but “they are mostly useful for furniture polish.”

2/3 DRY GIN (must be Gordon’s or Booth’s High and Dry)
1/3 NOILLY PRAT VERMOUTH (from a freshly opened bottle)

“Use plenty of ice, shake like hell and serve foaming in a fair sized glass. A small strip of lemon rind cut very thin might be allowed, but nothing else. No dividends.”

-from So Red the Nose

Oppenheim. Honey. That drink you’re calling The Man without Nerves? I hate to break it to you, but it’s a martini. Not even an original “twist” on the martini concept, like we’ve seen a twist on the Singapore gin sling or the whisky sour. It’s just a straight up martini, right down to the ice in the shaker and the lemon rind garnish. You may have been a great genre writer in your time, but I don’t know where you got off submitting the world’s most famous cocktail to So Red the Nose as your own creation. Continue reading