The Broad River


…the good-natured critic and novelist replied with a Broad River, which warmed and cheered his great-great-grandfather 150 years ago on Broad River in Georgia. The old gentleman had 24 children and lived to be 97 years old.

“Pour one quart of Peach Brandy into a silver goblet on and off during the day. After sundown a glass (or part of a glass) of water may be drunk.

– From So Red the Nose

So here we are once again, with me spending too much time and money hunting down quaintly dated liquors while the 21st century continues swilling pumpkin spice vodkatinis in blissful ignorance. Continue reading


Anthony Adverse

The Drink


To 2 measures of Barbadoes (sic) Rum mix 1 of lime juice, a dash of bitters, and a small quantity of brown sugar to taste and a strong dash of brandy.
Ice. Shake well and serve immediately.

– From So Red the Nose

The Anthony Adverse is an interesting and enjoyable combination of flavors. The key is the brown sugar, which keeps the drink from being unbearably tart. After some experimenting, I found a scant tablespoon is the literal sweet spot for me. Continue reading