The Cannoneers Have Hairy Ears

The Drink


CHAMPAGNE (1 Bottle, preferably good and cold)
CHABLIS (1 Pint — vintage of no particular moment)
HAUT BARSAC (1 Bottle, and be sure to have it haut)
SHERRY (2 Jiggers)

Mix this mess in a large bowl. Don’t crush the raspberries. Let them soak for a while. Add enough sugar (powdered) to take the curse off the raspberries but not enough to destroy the fine bouquet, if any, of the Champagne, Pour into tall, tapering glasses and drink with the the raspberries floating.

– From So Red the Nose

I had to compromise again with this cocktail because, as I may have mentioned, I am a school teacher. I cannot afford to spend half a paycheck on one bottle of wine. Sorry, Mr. Casey, but my Barsac was not hautContinue reading


Death in the Afternoon

The Drink


It takes a man with hair on his chest to drink five Absinthe and Champagne Cocktails and still handle the English language in the Hemingway fashion…After six of these cocktails The Sun Also Rises.

Pour 1 jigger of absinthe into a champagne glass. Add iced champagne until it attains the proper opalescent milkiness. Drink 3 to 5 of these slowly.

– from So Red the Nose

Did I say that The Canary Case cocktails were strong? What a naïve drinker I was in those days. Sorry Van Dine, but Hemingway can outdrink you in this century just as well as the last. Shamefully, I had to skip the “3 to 5” instruction, unless he meant these directions to take place over a week’s time. Continue reading