…if a few of our more robust clergymen are genuinely anxious to forward the cause of world peace and at the same time would like to tell their audiences how to bring good cheer into the home on Christmas Day, we suggest as a theme for a sermon Robert J. Casey’s unusual program for bringing about international good will.
Call Gin by it’s right name!
White distillations of corn, rye, barley or malt are made in almost every country on the face of the earth. They may vary slightly in composition but they seldom vary in spirit. The juniper berry is not universal, but Gin under a universal name might make all men brothers.
In fact the original name for Gin was Geneva, and it still goes under that name in Holland.
Here’s to Geneva and the spirits of peace.

— from So Red the Nose

As if 1930’s readers needed the holiday season or articles of war as an excuse to consume yet more gin. Although — regardless of what our old friend Casey might say — the juniper-based Dutch gin (also called jenever/genever) is technically not a gin as we know it, but rather the patriarch from whence all modern gins are spawned. 

TyttebærI’m a little ways a way from the Netherlands, so genever was surprisingly hard to find. Boomsma oude (old) was quite satisfactory though, at least for me. I have yet to try the “young” version.

Genever is a little richer and more flavorful than its offspring, perfect for warming you on a cold winter night. Honestly, I’m not really a huge fan of regular gin in any case. I guess maybe I should have realized that before starting a retro liquor blog.

Anyway, this drinking note is the only not attached to any book. So, instead of a review, please enjoy these five vaguely Christmasy genever cocktails, courtesy of my search engine. May they be the only spirits to haunt you this Christmas.

  1. Silver Cocktail9077-close-up-of-gold-and-silver-christmas-ornaments-pv

2. The Dutch Apple


3. Genever Believer


4. Hot Bols Genever Punch

320px-Scrooges_third_visitor-John_Leech,18435. Gin and Milk




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